Mazatlan Info


Go to the link below to print out your Tourist Visa – FMM. Since you are staying less than 7 days there should be no charge. When you enter the dates make sure they are for just the 5 days.

IMPORTANT, you are entering Mexico by Land not Air. When you fill out the form be very careful with the passport number and name. If they don’t agree they will not accept the FMM.

When it asks where you are staying, Pueblo Bonito, Mazatlan is sufficient.

The following link you may or may not need, but it doesn’t hurt. Last time they didn’t ask me. If you don’t have it you may have to fill out a health declaration at the ticket counter. It will print out a bar code that they scan. You have to create a free account.


For those that didn’t pay for CBX with their Volaris Ticket, you can buy it online here. It will save you messing with the machine at CBX. Remember it’s round trip and save the ticket for your return.

“High Season” price is now $35 RT. Their website has all the requirements for entry into Mexico and I also list them here. Most importantly you need your passport, FMM and boarding pass.

Cash & Credit Cards

You’re in real Mexico now, not Baja. Although some tourist places take dollars, they really don’t want them and you’ll get a lousy exchange rate. Get plenty of pesos and keep lots of small denomination bills. The Pulmonia drivers never have change.

Hopefully everyone has a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. CapitalOne Venture would be an example. This is the best way to make purchases as you get the full bank exchange rate and no fees.

The second best is to withdraw pesos from an ATM. I use Santander because it’s reliable and they have the most in Mazatlan.

PRO TIP:  You’ll be asked a couple questions when withdrawing. Donate to some charity probably. NO. Accept the ATM fee, about 60 pesos. YES, no choice here. And finally, at most ATMs, Do you accept this exchange rate? NO or DECLINE, since they will offer you a bad rate. What this does is simply let your own bank do the conversion which almost certainly is better. Declining will not stop the transaction.

Getting Around

Public transportation is great and inexpensive in Mazatlan. Most expats that live here don’t bother with a car.

The Pulmonia is unique to Mazatlan. It translates to pneumonia because the taxi union told people that’s what they would get if they rode in them. The ones with doors are not real Pulmonias, they are actually taxis. I never use them. Most have loud music available. The cost is highly negotiable and I’ll fill you in when you get here, however a ride from Pueblo Bonito to Lucky B’s should not cost more than 80 pesos. When you exit Pueblo Bonito you have a big target painted on you that says TOURIST. They will try to charge 100 pesos or more. Don’t be afraid to walk away or start walking down the street. Another will come along soon.

The green Sabalo-Centro bus runs all the way from the north end of town to the south end mostly along the tourist hotels and the Malecon (Boardwalk). It stops at the Central Market along the way. Fare is 12 pesos.

Uber is available in Mazatlan and is sometimes a good choice. It is ridiculously cheap, like 35 pesos for a short ride or 80 pesos all the way to Centro. Like in The States, they have their busy periods and can be hard to get.